Biwatec Felcsút

Marlix is a Major Shareholder in Biwatec Felcsút which composts sewage sludge in the Székesfehérvár area, Hungary.


Recycle Hungary

Marlix began recycling in Hungary in the 8th District in Budapest in 2008. The network now compromises nearly 700 residential buildings, dozens of institutions, and approximately 450 individual houses. Recycle Hungary collects around 25 tons of paper and 12-15 tons of plastic weekly.





Marlix began to look at the possibility of Integrated Waste Management in the Zakarpattya region of Western Ukraine including the towns of Irshava, Tyachive, Mizhgor'je, Rakhiv and Khust. Set up in 2007 Marlix Service Ukraine and its associated companies continues to seek funding to begin this project.